What Is a Cannabis Pipe?

Cannabis pipes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are small, like a “one-hitter” pipe, while others are larger and more elaborate. While a one-hitter pipe is usually made of glass, others are made of metal, wood, clay, or stone. These pipes are used to inhale one or two puffs of marijuana and are often decorated to look like tobacco cigarettes.

What you should know about glass pipes? 

The cannabis pipe has a stem or chamber which holds the bud to be smoked. This is where the smoke collects before it is inhaled. The carb controls the smoke’s temperature and the amount of smoke that can be inhaled. A mouthpiece is attached to the other end of the pipe and is where the smoker’s lips rest while inhaling the weed.

The size of the cannabis pipe is less important than the bowl’s capacity. The bowl contains the cannabis, and has two openings to allow airflow. Smaller bowls are more compact, and may allow for greater savings, but some people prefer a large bowl for more potent smoke. A cannabis pipe should be clean and discreet.

A wood pipe is the original method of smoking cannabis and is durable and adds its own unique flavor to the smoke. These pipes should be kept in a padded case for protection. They should also be stored in smellproof containers to prevent any odors from escaping.

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