Theragun Pro Review

theragun pro review

Is the Theragun Pro worth the money? Its app looks great and is easy to update, but there are some major flaws that keep me from buying the unit. Despite its good looks, I cannot recommend the device to anyone – it’s a good option for a casual user who wants to use it on their own, but for professionals, it is essential to know its full capabilities. Here’s my Theragun Pro review!

What You Need to Know

First of all, let’s talk about its power. The Theragun PRO has a powerful massage gun and can reach deep muscles up to 60 per cent deeper than other devices. The head is also adjustable, so it’s easy to treat different parts of your body with a single device. The Theragun Pro also comes with a 2 year warranty. However, I don’t recommend purchasing it if you’re not prepared to spend a lot of money.

Another important factor is the cost. While this massager is priced competitively, many users were apprehensive about spending this much money on a product that isn’t worth its price. This device has better coverage of large muscle groups and is quieter than other similar products. It also features an OLED screen, which makes it easy to see the force meter easily. While this device is more expensive than others, it does perform better than many competitors.

Aside from its power, the Theragun PRO is also an excellent option for athletes. It allows you to stretch more effectively, and can increase your range of motion by up to 50 per cent in just 30 seconds. Its multispectrum LED light ring can also help prevent acne by killing bacteria that cause breakouts. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of percussive massage.

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