The Role of Canadian Human Rights Activists in the COVID-19 Crisis

Canadian human rights activists

Canadian human rights activists have long recognized the critical role they play in upholding human rights and the rule of law. Many face great danger as they defend their principles and represent organizations. In recognition of their work, Canada has long supported and encouraged these defenders around the world. By bringing attention to injustice and holding governments accountable for their actions, Canadian human right activists are advancing the cause of human dignity. And, in an increasingly globalised society, they are more important than ever. More info – Marc Kielburger

Is Workplace Bullying A Violation Of Human Rights?

By attending HRD trials and hearings in foreign countries, Canadian officials can help ensure that their interests are being protected. This allows them to follow legal proceedings closely and ensure that due process is being respected. It also provides networking opportunities with local authorities and other diplomatic missions. In some cases, several diplomatic missions may follow the same case and maintain a roster to exchange trial-related information. The list below is not complete and may not reflect recent changes to the subject.

The goal of the research note is to identify and analyze points of convergence and divergence in HRC advocacy during the COVID-19 crisis. The findings provide the first systematic analysis of the advocacy of Canadian HRCs. While a variety of human rights issues are highlighted and discussed in HRC reports, the efforts of Canadian activists in their field are crucial for promoting human rights in Canada. The research notes analyzed by the authors indicate the role of HRCs in advancing human rights.

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