Report: Net Public Benefits of the Chuitna Coal Project
by The Center for Sustainable Economy
September 2011

Abstract: Report confirming that the Chuitna Coal Project (CCP) could result in net losses to Alaskan’s of over $2 billion over the life of the mine.  The $2B figure includes all profits from lease fees, royalty fees, taxes, salaries and the expenditures for the project. In the end the CCP could cost up to 6 times more in economic losses than it creates in econimic output.

Download the report here. (~800 kb)

Economic Analysis of the Chuitna Watershed & Cook Inlet
by ECONorthwest
Released March 23, 2010

Abstract: The information provided in this report is intended to assist citizens and decision makers understand the magnitude of the economic value Alaskans currently enjoy and would place at risk from short- and long-term negative impacts associated with large-scale extractivedevelopment–such as the proposed Chuitna Coal Strip Mine.

Download the PDF here. (~3mb)

Report on Chuitna Coal Project Aquatic Studies and Fish and Wildlife Protection Plan
By Lance Trasky and Associates
Released August 17, 2009

Download the PDF here. (~832kb)

Chuitna Coal Mine Baseline Monitoring and Restoration Plan Review
By Dr. Mark S. Wipfli, Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Released July 22, 2009

Download the PDF here. (~140kb)

Report on Chuitna Coal Project of PacRim Coal
By Margaret A. Palmer, Professor and Director, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland
Released March 16, 2009

Download the PDF here. (~112kb)

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