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Documents about the proposed Chuitna Coal Strip Mine.

Alaska Superior Court Decision Chuitna Water Rights TWUP
February 25, 2013

Abstract: The Alaska Superior Court sided with the Chuitna Citizens Coalition when it ruled that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) violated its own rules by denying Alaskans’ their right to keep water in streams to protect wild salmon runs.

Download the Court Decision here.

Unsuitable Lands Petition
January 21, 2010

Abstract: The Unsuitable Lands Petition seeks to set aside the Chuitna River, it’s tributaries and riparian zones as unsuitable for surface coal mining.

Download the Petition here. (~6.4mb)
Download the petition exhibits here. (~15.2mb)

Unsuitable Lands Petition Denial by Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Abstract: Denial of the Unsuitable Lands Petition.

Download the October 24, 2011 DNR Decision here.

Download the July 26, 2013 DNR Decision on reconsideration here.

Alaska Resource Overview – Presentation made in Tokyo Japan by By Tom Irwin, Commissioner Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Larry Hartig, Commissioner Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Ed Fogels, Director Office of Project Management and Permitting, Alaska Department Natural Resources
Released July 21, 2010

Abstract: In July 2010, officials representing the the State of Alaska traveled to Tokyo, Japan to present on resource development in Alaska. Slides 20-23 deal with the proposed Chuitna coal strip mine project. Of specific note is Slide 23, that clearly shows the State of Alaska considers the proposed strip mine a done deal, below are the relevant statements from the presentation:

  • Permitting expected to be completed in 2011
  • Production anticipated in 2014

These statements were made when the permit application has yet to be submitted and there has been no opportunity for the public to comment on the permit application.

Download the PDF here. (~1mb)

The Process and Requirements for Large Mine Permit Applications in Alaska – Presentation by The State of Alaska, US Army Corps of Engineers amp; US Environmental Protection Agency

Abstract: A presentation by the State of Alaska outlining the large mine permit application process in Alaska. In 2008 the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR) joined other members of Alaska’s Large Mine Permitting Team to host a series of meetings around the state specifically to tout Alaska’s rigorous permitting regime. One of the “key concepts” outlined during these public information sessions was that the permitting “process doesn’t guarantee a ‘yes'”. Here and in other forums, the State has repeatedly lead Alaskans to believe they play a meaningful role in permit deliberations. Of special note are:

  • Slide 4: “Process doesn’t guarantee a ‘Yes'”
  • Slide 25: “Do we ever say ‘No?'”

Download the PDF here. (~3mb)

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