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Michigan Distillery

Besides the usual vodka, rum, bourbon, and whiskey, Michigan Weiss Distilling Co. is making some of the best spirits on the market. They are taking advantage of the state’s rich agricultural heritage. By using locally grown products, they help support local farmers, keep more jobs in Michigan, and boost the state’s economy.

What is the most popular drink in Michigan?

The best distillery in Michigan is also the smallest. The Iron Shoe Distillery in Michiana produces a blended bourbon in small batch runs. Its website is filled with a great list of Michigan’s best restaurants, burgers, and vegetarian dishes. The distillery also has a great bar. The distillery is also a good stop on the Michigan Wine and Beer Trail, which features stops at local distilleries for samplings of made in Michigan spirits.

Another craft distillery is Water Hill, a Michigan-based company that produces an absinthe with a unique violet hue. It uses classic absinthe ingredients and Michigan-grown ingredients. Its most unique ingredient is its own violet hue.

Michigan’s oldest micro-distillery, Grand Traverse, produces vodka and rye whiskey. It also produces a variety of fruit liqueurs. The distillery’s signature vodka, True North, is ranked as the world’s 50th best vodka.

Another laudable achievement is the Crazy Cooter, a white whiskey distilled with IPA and bottle aged for 10 months. It’s a 90 proof drink, and it’s also the best bloody Mary in Michigan.

Michigan distilleries produce a wide variety of spirits, including gin. Many are open to the public. They offer tours, great tastings, and events.

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